Thursday, February 25, 2010

Panic !!!

I did it, and I'm so ashamed.  I went to the supermarket in advance of a snow storm.

Friday morning is my usual supermarket time.  In addition to things for home, I do grab a few things for work-- things like pretzels, oatmeal, those little styrofoam cups of exceptionally salty noodle soup, Pop Tarts, and soda.  Can't forget the soda.  Lots of soda.  Lots and lots of soda.  Diet Pepsi is my drink of choice.  It's Diet Coke if it's on sale.  I can't find a store brand that doesn't taste like turpentine.

Anyway, I saw the forecast when I got up early Wednesday.  By 7:00 AM, I was in the supermarket.  I asked the cashier, who knows me from many, many Friday morning visits, if the panic had begun.  She replied that it hadn't.  I was the first.  I was also the first who had a pre-storm cart sans milk, bread, and eggs.  Diet Pepsi was on sale for $1 for a two litre bottle, so I picked up a few extra bottles.

I have my soda.  I have my strawberry Pop Tarts.  Let it snow.