Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unfinished Business

Last week, the New York Times did a piece on the Food Network broadcast "Restaurant Impossible."  That's the show where chef Robert Irvine, a designer, and a builder spend two days and $10,000 to turn down failing restaurants.  "Restaurant Impossible" late last year did an absolutely brutal job on a once filthy and run down restaurant in Dunmore.

The NYT story didn't address the Dunmore episode, but it did show things I suspected-- that many of the restaurants go back to their old ways once the cameras leave.

Here's something I didn't know:  carpenters arrive well in advance of the taping, and their supplies are already there when the crew arrives.  Yes, the fix takes place in two days.  The preparation for the actual 48 hour event begins well in advance.

Switching gears, I received an e-mail after the Sandusky trial.  A blog reader asked me for my thoughts on how the media influence the judicial process.

I do know a lot of "the powers that be" wanted the Sandusky trial done while PSU was on summer break.  They feared a circus outside the courthouse.

Other than that, and generally speaking, I wish I had a good answer.  Potential jurors, for every case, are asked if they can put what they're heard and read out of their minds-- and simply reach a decision based only what they see and hear in the courtroom.  If the answer is "yes," there's a good chance that person becomes a juror.

I really wish Pennsylvania would allow cameras in the courtroom.  Other states have shown it can be done with no undue distraction.  Why not here?

An addendum to Monday's review of "The Newsroom..."  What TV shows and movies have done the best job of showing what the broadcasting business is really like?  "Broadcast News" accurately reflected the TV side.  "WKRP in Cincinnati" really nailed it, when it comes to radio, at least, during my time.  I've known Johnny Fever types, and salesman Herb Tarlek was perfect.

Why have some members of the news media been referring to the triple homicide in Plymouth July 7 as a "drug deal gone bad?"  I have a news flash for you kids, drug deals are already bad.  Stop that!