Friday, March 8, 2013

Parade Day

I'm working from memory here, but I think it's the 20th anniversary of my first time broadcasting the Scranton St. Patrick's Parade.

Here's the story-- I was working down the street when that station grabbed the rights to broadcast the march.  I was enlisted to cover a pre race mass and foot race.

Station management considered putting me in the middle of a Parade Day party at one of the downtown hotels.  While I was thrilled to be part of the broadcast, I thought putting a live camera in the middle of an alcohol fueled party was dangerous.  The station wisely reconsidered.

Again, if memory serves, the 1993 parade was delayed a week due to a major snow storm.

Parade Day finally arrived.  A photographer and I attended the mass at St. Peter's Cathedral, and we headed out onto the race course.  We got our video and our interviews.  The photographer went back to the station, then on Lackawanna Avenue, to slam something together.  I went over to North Washington and Linden, which was home base for the live parade broadcast.

Air time arrived.  I was wired up to introduce my stuff, which I did.  I was giving back the microphone and the ear piece when someone, and I don't remember who, asked that I stick around and become the second street reporter for the actual broadcast.

I was flattered, and they didn't have to ask twice.  Kevin Jordan was the main street reporter, and this was right up his alley.  Kevin was known for his hard news abilities, but he has a great knowledge of Scranton and Irish history, and he has an underrated sense of humor.  I was glad I stayed, and I was happy to be associated with the parade broadcast for four years.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about one of my major thrills in broadcasting, and here's another.  I was in TV Guide in 1996!

The thrill was short lived.  I was fired in an economic cut back four months later.

Enjoy the parade.