Friday, May 30, 2014

PS Friday

Revisiting a few earlier topics...

Last week, I predicted a subpoena of the Aazis Richardson arraignment video would be coming.  Well, it did.  The alleged killer's age will keep him off the death penalty gurney.  It's been a week since the homicide.  The shock of this kid's cruelty remains.

Looks like the cargo in that tractor trailer, where the police officer shot the driver in Columbia County was not stolen, but the rig had a ton of safety violations.  Plus, the driver allegedly fudged his log books.  He's charged with attempted homicide.  I still haven't heard a good reason as to how a truck in such poor condition nearly made it from coast to coast without being pulled off the road.

NBC's fog of hype has made it difficult to see if there's any real news in the Edward Snowdon interview.

I know the search area is vast, and the ocean in that part of the world is extremely deep, but I still can't believe the Malaysian jet still hasn't been found.

It looks like the VA scandal/mess gets bigger every day.  The problems look system wide.  How does the VA head keep his job?

Tough call on Afghanistan.  President Obama will have just about all US troops out of there by the end of the year.  There's no doubt Afghanistan will slide back in to some of its old ways.  Former vice president Cheney has slammed Obama for being weak.  Do we have the obligation to babysit Afghanistan in perpetuity?  Is there a middle ground?  I don't have the answers.  I'm just throwing it out there for your consideration and debate.

Our friends at the Times~Tribune report Scranton is spending, and owes more money than it takes in.  Any guesses as to how this movie ends?

Apparently, no one from Penndot ever drives the inbound lanes of the North Scranton Expressway, and no one from the city of Scranton ever drives on Woodlawn Street.  Both are pothole riddled, and are an embarrassment.  The North Scranton Expressway is one of the main arteries in to the city.  First impressions mean a lot, and this road speaks poorly of our area.

$2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers?  Looks like someone over-paid.