Thursday, November 17, 2016

Dominoes Tumbling

I didn't watch TV early Election Night.  Until the numbers really start to roll in, it's just a lot of time filling, talking heads and poll numbers.  As it turned out, those poll numbers were useless.

Anyway, after a long afternoon nap, I did what I usually do at 8 PM-- turn on FOX Sports Radio.  JT the Brick with Tomm Looney are on 8 until 11.  It's really been my favorite show for a long time.  It's sports talk and it's smart and funny.  You get sports, news, and a little pop culture thrown in.  By the way, Looney is an Elmira native and a Penn State graduate.

Here's where it gets really interesting.  JT is a former stock broker, and he pointed out, early on election night, that futures were beginning to crash.  The red flag was going up the pole.  The financial people sniffed out a Trump victory, earlier than just about everyone else.  JT alerted his listeners, and also turned us on to the NY Times web site.  The Times web site was simply outstanding Tuesday night.  My favorite feature was a dial showing  Trump and Clinton winning probability numbers.  The dial drifted over into Trump territory early and the numbers grew every few minutes.

I've yammered endlessly in this space about the lack of "live and local" radio, but there are times when networks can shine, even at times and in areas where you least expect it.  Sportstalk radio is usually a pleasant diversion from real world problems.  In this case, a sports talk show was miles ahead of everyone else.