Saturday, November 5, 2016

Half Decked

I was doing a little shopping at the Marketplace at Steamtown the other day, when I spied mall employees decorating a Christmas tree at central court.

There is one advantage to the endless yammering about the presidential election.  It's diverted a certain cable news network from doing its annual "War on Christmas" rants.  Yes, this is a Christmas tree.  It marks the arrival of Christmas.
Speaking of the Marketplace at Steamtown, what's with the Spanish Inquisition when you arrive to do a little bit of shopping before 10 AM?  I know they're trying to keep freeloaders from parking in the garage, and shopping elsewhere, or leaving your car there while you do something else downtown, but there is no need for all the questions.

I arrived at 9:40 AM.  I knew I was early,  Intended to walk around the mall a bit before the stores opened, possibly looking at the Steamtown trains from the food court bridge.  I was greeted with questions and a warning that the garage doesn't open to shoppers until 9:45 AM.  It was five minutes!

Keep annoying paying customers, and they'll find someplace else to shop.  A struggling shopping center should be making things easy for you.