Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Top Ten: Rock 107

This year's Top 10 begins with something different.  I checked the by laws.  It doesn't say anything about me taking or not taking the photo.

This is actually a frame from video shot by WNEP photographer Jason Wolf the morning of January 19.  Jason and I dropped by WEZX Rock 107 in downtown Scranton.  We wanted to hear what morning DJ "The Prospector" had to say about the passing of Eagles co founder Glenn Frey.

Looking back, I can't believe this was in January, and the year has really flown by.

I left radio in 1991, but I still love the medium and I still get a kick out of being in a radio studio.  Hanging with The Prospector is great fun, too.

Tomorrow:  in the air, and on the sea.