Friday, January 10, 2020

Vote '20

Forget about the presidency.  The race to watch in Pennsylvania will be the contest for the 8th congressional district, consisting of much of northeastern Pennsylvania.

Democrat Matt Cartwright has held the seat for four terms.  It looks like four going after the Republican nomination, so far.

Expect the money to flow for this one as Democrats aim to keep the seat and Republicans try to wrestle it away.

This isn't just Cartwright vs TBA.  It's a referendum on the House of Representatives and President Trump.

The victory might be short lived.  It will be interesting how Pennsylvania districts will be re-drawn based on the 2020 census.  Pennsylvania stands to lose one seat, maybe two.

The experts rate this a toss up.  There is a lot of time between today and November.  Anything can happen.  Considering the volatility in Washington, nothing appears to be a safe bet at this point.

It should be a fun year.