Sunday, June 30, 2013

APAL's PhotoLink Sunday

A few more pictures of Friday morning's high water in Lackawanna County...  My version of PhotoLink Library.
A few Lackawanna River bridges are equipped with flood gates designed to keep the river within its banks.

This was the view around 7:30 AM Friday as workers in Olyphant prepared to wheel the flood gate off the road and re-open Lackawanna Avenue to traffic.  For perspective, downtown Olyphant is dead ahead with Blakely at my back.  The gate is on the Olyphant side.  If you live in Blakely or Dickson City, you're out of luck.  I would assume only the east side has a flood gate because the east side of the Lackawanna, the Olyphant side, is lower than the west side.
Moving upstream, this is the Lackawanna from the Blakely Borough Recreational Area.  The footbridge in the middle connects Blakely on the right with Olyphant on the left.

I ventured out on to the bridge for a downstream shot.  The current gave the bridge a nice wobble.  Needless to say, I didn't spend much time there.
The Lackawanna expanded to its shores.  A riverside path in Blakely was underwater, and there was no demand for a seat on the bench Friday morning.  Pay close attention to the trees.

I showed you the trees back in March.  They survived many a flood.  The river eroded the soil around the roots.  In spite of it all, the trees still stand tall today.
And finally, all that rain put the roar back into Roaring Brook.  This photo was taken around 8:30 AM Friday from the Kanjorski Bridge, over the brook, at Scranton's Nay Aug Park.

I hope you made it through the storm OK.