Friday, November 15, 2013


Tomorrow is the blog's 9th anniversary.

I actually found my first post, November 16, 2004:

Nov. 16th
Okay, this is a big deal-- my first blog. I actually jumped at the opportunity to do this. I then wondered what to write. I'll start with the question I'm asked the most: "Do you and Snedecker really hate each other?" The answer is "yes and no." Off the air, we get along great. On the air, we have different styles. I'm not one for chatting, and Joe likes to talk. He has a playful sense of humor. I'm a little more to the point. When I try to move things along, people think I'm being mean to Joe, but I'm really not. My desk in the newsroom is near the weather office, and we usually manage to have a lot of laughs. Joe and I are scheduled to work together New Year's morning. Set your VCR's for that one. You can begin 2005 with the Odd Couple of local television. 
Thanks for stopping by, and reading my first blog entry.

I'll admit that it wasn't much.  At least, I kept it going for a long, long time.  The old horse still has the energy for a couple more laps.