Tuesday, November 12, 2013

PS: Election Day

Now that election day is officially one week in the rear view mirror, let's put forth a few digested thoughts.

If George Washington was elected Scranton mayor, with five members of the Founding Fathers on council, the city would soon be in major trouble.  Income doesn't match expenses.  There's massive debt.  The math just doesn't work.  I've yet to hear one solid solution.  There has to be something more than blaming the non profits.  That act never had a lot of merit to begin with, and it's grown tired.  The incoming mayor said he wants a total accounting of where the money comes from and where it goes.  Huh?  We don't have that already?

I wish Bill Courtright the best of luck.  As Scranton goes, so goes the area.  It's the largest city around here, and even if you live elsewhere in the market, it's still "Scranton" to the outsiders.  Our image is riding on this.

Some more things to ponder-- the big newspaper endorsed Courtright's opponent.  The ink on the ballots wasn't even dry before the paper published another editorial, calling Courtright's victory a win for the status quo, and look where the status quo got us.  Mr. Courtright can blame a lot of the city's problems on his predecessors, but it appears he won't have much of a honeymoon.

Lesson 1:  Some candidates that went nuclear negative during the campaign lost.

Lesson 2:  Some candidates who drew more attention to their personality than the job they do also lost.  People want quiet confidence, not silly showmanship.  A guy who managed to get himself elected using the tactic a few years ago nearly wound up in jail because he went overboard with a little bit of power.

What happened to the Lackawanna County Republican party?

Turnout was around 30 per cent.  Sad.

Two exceptionally tight races in Schuylkill County shows every vote counts.

Bring on Vote 2014.