Tuesday, September 22, 2015

180 Degrees

Did you ever feel a certain way about a controversial topic, and can't explain how you arrived at that conclusion?

That's where I am in the Brian Williams controversy.

Let's review.

NBC suspended Williams for six months for fabricating his role in at least one major news story.  Note, the lies didn't happen during NBC Nightly News.  Williams became Mr. Tall Tale during talk show appearances and print interviews.  It's been reported an internal NBC investigation shows the lies spread beyond the initial trigger of Williams' saying his helicopter had been hit by enemy fire in the Middle East.

It's safe to say I was never a fan.  He had the most "face time" of all the network news anchors.   Translation:  ego.  Williams liked to talk, even though adlibbing during major news events, like election nights, was never his strong suit.

When this whole affair started, I strongly leaned toward Williams and NBC going their separate ways.

Strange to say, now that the six month suspension ends today, I've softened on the guy.  Williams returns to a diminished role at MSNBC, a network trying to re-make its hard news image, after years of trainwreck programming.  He's lost millions of dollars.  He's also lost something on which you cannot put a price-- trust and credibility.

Yet, I'm okay with his return.  I really am, and I don't know why I've done the 180.

I'm looking forward to seeing some real news, during the daytime hours on MSNBC.

Let's move on.