Saturday, September 12, 2015

Train Station Saturday: Scranton Intermodal

Yes, this is actually a train station, even though it may never see one.

Lackawanna County is building a new intermodal transportation center along Lackawanna Avenue.  This is the view from the West Lackawanna Avenue Bridge, looking toward downtown.

I've had a lot of issues here, and it seems to be one of those "solutions in search of a problem."  The goal is one station for buses (local and long distance), taxis, and trains.  First, Scranton has no passenger service and there is no sign it's going to happen soon.  The station is a few blocks from all the action downtown.  Buses will still have to travel the streets and making the stops they've been using for decades.  Wilkes-Barre's intermodal station is just steps from Public Square, below a massive parking garage.  The set up there makes sense.  Scranton?  Not so much.

Let's see if it works.