Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Media Center

Today, another aspect of Marywood's new Learning Commons building.

I was really impressed with the radio and tv area.  The building's floor plan is on the internet.  When I saw it, I thought the broadcasting section was short changed.  It's different when you get there.  It seems like they have more than enough space to operate.
TV control room

The TV control room and studio are actually large, and I hope the space is used to its full advantage.
TV control room

TV studio

There's a warren of radio studios, production rooms, and offices.  Commercial stations would kill to have such a facility.  Again, I hope this gives WVMW the incentive to do more live programming and dump a lot of the computerized jukebox stuff it seems to take pride in.
radio studio
But, and you knew there would be a but...

I asked a couple of workers where the TV studio and control room were.  The reply:  "In the bomb shelter."  Yes, they are deep underground and rather difficult to find.  Radio is also buried, but not as deeply.

The main thing is what gets on the air, and for the most part, location is irrelevant.  However, this is college radio and TV.  Wouldn't it be nice to showcase them, in a visible location, where students and faculty can walk by, drop in, and discuss the important issues of the day, just for a little while?  You can still have your music.

As a wise former news director once told me, the stations that survive and thrive are the ones that do the best job of reflecting their community.  That's tough to do from a bomb shelter.