Tuesday, October 23, 2018

I Have My Life Back

Thank you, Los Angeles Dodgers.  Because you made it in to the World Series, which starts tonight, I won't watch.  I was pulling for the Milwaukee Brewers, because I always root for the underdogs.  It's difficult to pull for a team with Manny Machado-- a dirty player who admits he doesn't hustle.  He'll be rewarded with a huge contract in the off season.  There is something wrong with that.

I'll keep an eye on the series because that's part of my job.  I have to know a little about a lot of things, possibly watching an inning or two here and there.  Live and die with the sport?  Those days are over.  I can't see them coming back.

My Sunday afternoons are generally care-free as well.  I was a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan for most of my life.  That ended the day dog killer Michael Vick signed his Steelers contract.  I still know what they're up to-- the contract hold outs, the lack of discipline, the massive amount of penalties, etc.  Once again, it's my job to know a little about a lot of things.

My college didn't have a football team, and I never found the need to adopt one.

It's okay to be a huge sports fan.  You add gazillions of dollars to the American economy.  It's a wonderful diversion.  We need that.  I'm enjoying life better because I stepped away.  My nights and weekends are free again.