Wednesday, October 10, 2018


I do see the value in Facebook, especially for a broadcaster.  It's a great resource for story ideas.  It's an easy way to connect with viewers and listeners.  It really has become the way people communicate these days.  I've heard from old friends.  So many police and fire departments use it as their primary media communications tool.

On the other hand...  (and you knew that was coning)...

It's filled with false information, hoaxes, scams...  Facebook ownership has been caught selling your information to third parties.  The site is regularly hacked.  Pages are cloned, and things that are clearly incorrect spread throughout society like wildfire.  It's been a week filled with phony friend requests, people who think they've sent out phony friend requests, and people who think they've received phony friend requests.

How did a site so glitchy, balky, clumsy, ill secured, etc. get so popular?  Who do people sign up for it?

I cannot get the words "necessary evil" out of my mind.