Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Daily Maze

I don't think I've taken the same way home in days.

My little town has become a maze of closed roads and construction projects.  We're getting new water mains.  the water company says we need them, and I trust its judgement.  I'm just waiting for the hike in the water bill to pay for them.

No good comes without a little suffering.  Just about every street my neighborhood, and the surrounding neighborhoods is ripped up.  Closed during the day, poorly patched at night.  It's a real mess.  There is dirt, dust and mud on rainy days.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason to where they work.  Our street gets a lot of attention for a few days.  The crews go away and work somewhere else.  They return for more visits.  I'm not a utility worker, or a construction guy, or one who knows how to install pipe, so I assuming there's a reason for the weeks of hodgepodge.

It has me looking forward to winter and the end of construction season.  I just hope all the lines are in and the streets are repaved before the snow flies.