Friday, July 17, 2015

Unfinished Friday

A lot of people are really missing the point on the Stephen Reed thing.  Reed served 28 years as Harrisburg's mayor.  He was charged with hundreds of counts this week, for misappropriating taxpayer's money.

Yes, he did some good things for the city, but fellow elected officials and city residents stood idly by as this guy was allowed to amass so much power, he could do whatever he wanted.  It was an incinerator project blowing up in his face, and finally getting wise to his artifact collecting that finally led to Reed getting bounced out of office five years ago.

Yes again, innocent until proven guilty, but even before the criminal charges were announced, it was clear Stephen Reed was a shady character.

The state has been without a budget for nearly three weeks, and it's business as usual.  There is no sense of urgency to get it done.  There are no signals a compromise is in the works.  It's your money.  You deserve better.

It's getting to be "that time."  We should soon know who bought the mostly empty Mall at Steamtown.  It's one of many ongoing dramas in the city.   One can only hope it has a happy ending.

Half empty stadium or half full?  The SWR RailRiders are averaging about 5,000 in attendance, with roughly 20 home games left in the season.  They are in the bottom half of the pack in the International League.

FOX says the ratings for Tuesday night's MLB All Star Game hit a record low.  As I said the other day, the game just isn't special any more.  Having said that, baseball's all star game draws a bigger crowd than similar NBA, NFL, or NHL contests.