Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rewarding Bad Behavior

Kanye West behaves badly everywhere he goes.

Why does he keep getting invited to events, like Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards?

Because he behaves badly everywhere he goes.

West grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift, during her acceptance speech, and said Beyonce did a better video and deserved the award.

It was a horrible thing to do, but I'm not hearing any complaints from MTV. The reason? Publicity. If it was a normal, trouble-free show, no one would care. Monday morning, the MTV VMA debacle was all over TV, radio, the newspapers, and the internet. MTV got the buzz it was looking for, even if a 19 year old was humiliated in the process.

Speaking of people behaving badly, how about tennis star Serena Williams Saturday night? In case you missed it, because tennis is largely off the radar screen these days, Williams became angry at an official and threatened to shove a tennis ball down the official's throat. The tirade was peppered with a couple F bombs. Williams is 27, going on 12. Most children behave better, and maybe a suspension would induce some much needed maturity.