Monday, September 28, 2009

Sports Envy

Most of the time, I envy my co-workers in the sports department. They get to attend all sorts of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey games. No charge. Trips to bowl games. Cheerleaders. Mascots. Brent Musberger. Erin Andrews. Free hot dogs in the press box.

And, then there are days like Saturday, when my envy goes out the window.

Sharla McBride and Steve Lloyd attended the Penn State/Iowa game. They battled traffic to get to Beaver Stadium, stood in the cold rain for more than three hours, and battled more traffic after the game. A long drive followed. They returned to the office around 3:30 AM, still wet and muddy. Going home to warm showers and warm beds would have to wait. They had to put together a piece for Newswatch 16 Sunday Morning.

I snapped the above, annoying photo in a WNEP edit booth around 4:00 AM Sunday. Sharla's on the left.

College football is great fun on a warm fall afternoon. You can keep chilly, rainy Saturday nights in Happy Valley.