Thursday, July 29, 2010

Frightening Times

I was going through my e-mail address book the other morning.  It's something I do from time to time.  Some entries need to be updated.  Others need to be deleted.

Something struck me as I went through the list.  A lot of people I know have lost their jobs recently, and I updated the list only a short time ago.

Some of the experts say the recession has bottomed out.  I beg to differ.  The unemployment rate is around ten per cent.  The jobs being lost are good ones.  The replacement offerings don't pay nearly as much.

We're in trouble, which brings me to the second section of today's offering. 

I had the opportunity to attend the July 20 sheriff's sale in Lackawanna County.  It was painful to watch people lose their homes and businesses, and it literally happened hundreds of times that morning.  How it all happened can be debated for days.  Did people take on more debt than they could handle?  Did banks lend money too freely?  Did people wind up in dire straits because they lost their jobs?

There was a bidding war over one piece of property.  The woman who lost was reduced to tears.

Saying the entire day was sad is putting it mildly.

Speaking of occupations, Bob Barker told TMZ that the Drew Carey hosted version of "The Price is Right" is boring.  Barker said he put excitement into the show while Carey just plays the game.

In Barker's final days on the show, he seemed impatient, often rushing the contestants.  Carey seems genuinely interested in their welfare, and he doesn't make himself bigger than the game-- as many hosts do.

Bob Barker should show a little class and just keep quiet.  Drew Carey is doing a good job, and maybe that's what has Bob Barker irritated.  Barker later apologized.

And finally, just when you thought the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees situation couldn't get any sillier... 

Some of the people who helped run local baseball into the ground in the first place have now made appearances, returning from political exile to point fingers, make accusations, and second guess. 

There are fears the team will be sold to a management company that clearly has no commitment to the area.

So here's what we have:  an aging stadium, a debate over whether to renovate or replace, no money to do either, embarrassing attendance (even though Friday is a sell out), an anti-fan management company, the threat of a sale and a move, threats of lawsuits,  the return of the crew that nearly caused the International League to pull the plug because bills weren't being paid, no one with a real plan and ideas, and even more political fighting.

And, they continue to wonder why no one goes to the games.