Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Bad Taste

This one is a bit late, and I'm sorry.

Philadelphia based Tastykake last was sold last week to Flowers Foods from Georgia.  Tastykake has been in trouble for a while.  Profits were down.  A new bakery at the Philadelphia Naval Yards wasn't as beneficial as had been hoped.  The purchase price:  $165 million, including existing debt.

Flowers said nothing will change.  The Tastykake we know and love, the one we grew up with, will remain.  Pardon me when I say I've heard this speech before.  Many times.  Too many times.

Every new owner likes to put its stamp on things.

Look, the company wasn't making money.  Things had to change. I hope the bad parts of Tastykake disappear, not the good ones.  It's a popular brand with a good reputation.  I don't grab them as often as I once did, but the lemon pies are fantastic.  Lemony.  Not overly sweet.  Nice crust.  They're not dipped in a glaze like some others.

Tastykake employs 740.  Plus there are 413 independent sales distributors.  Flowers says it has a big network of its own, and that means Tastykake will be available in more places.  More sales is supposed to equal job stability for the employees and distributors.  A lot of workers and fans are depending on it.