Friday, January 13, 2012

Business Friday

Hostess, the Twinkie maker, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week.  The company says sales are down and costs are up.  A Wall Street Journal story says thecompany has union problems and pension fund issues.  I've never been a Twinkie guy, but it would be sad to see an American legend go away.

Kodak is said to be flirting with Chapter 11.  The company never successfully transitioned from film and cameras into digital technology and printers.  At one time, there had to be at least one Kodak product in every home in America.  We've changed, and Kodak couldn't keep up.

The Liquor Control Board is raising proces of several products.  It's a nice way to make friends while the governor is trying to put you out of business.  It's tough to get bent out of shape about this one because alcohol is clearly a product you can do without.  Still, it's unfortunate that your after work drink to unwind might become unaffordable.

The Brookstone store at Mohegan Sun in Plains Township closes at the end of the month.  Do people go to casinos to shop?  Gamble, drink, eat-- and that's about it.