Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Long Overdue I

It happened yesterday..  The ramp leading from Oak Street in Scranton to the northbound lanes of the North Scranton Expressway closed, and it should have happened a long time ago.

It's hard to see the ramp in this picture that I took Thursday morning, but it's on the left of the shot.  This area has long been a trouble spot.  It's where the Expressway, Interstate 81, and Routes 6 and 11 all come together.  This can of worms replaced a traffic circle decades ago.  Old timers around here still call this area the traffic circle.

The successor to the circle was okay for its time, but traffic has increased and people drive faster.  PennDOT is working on a realignment.  There are a couple other changes, in addition to closing the Oak Street ramp.

We've seen all cases where the solution is worse than the problem.  Let's have faith that the realignment actually works and this becomes a much safer area.