Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I don't get it.  For years, we were told lower speed limits save gasoline and save lives.  Going faster is more dangerous, and it really doesn't save you that much time.

Welcome to 2014.  Parts of Interstates 80 and 380, plus the Pennsylvania Turnpike have new 70 MPH speed limits.  It doesn't make sense.

I was there yesterday, when the signs went up in Lackawanna County.

The CEO of the turnpike got it right when he said 70 is the "maximum," not the "mandatory."  I'll still be doing my 55 to 60.  I've found it's a lot easier to plan ahead, leave a little early, take your time and travel stress-free. 

By the way, the 70 MPH section of Interstate 380 covers 16 miles, from the Interstate 84 split in Lackawanna County to Tobyhanna in Monroe County.  Travelling 16 miles at 70 MPH takes you 13.7 minutes.  At 60 MPH, it takes you 16 minutes.  Are you really saving that much?

PennDOT says it will study the data to see how safe 70 PMH really is, and if the increased speed limit program will be expanded.  I have a feeling we'll learn it was a mistake.