Friday, January 20, 2017


Yesterday was the Obama entry.  Today, this space is devoted to the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

He becomes/became president at noon today.  If you supported him, congratulations.  If you didn't, you're just going to have to learn to deal with it.  The voters have spoken.  While Trump didn't win the popular vote, he walked away with the most electoral votes, and that's the way the system works.

Trump approaches this thing as a businessman, not a politician.  Clearly, he has a different way of doing things.  Different could be better.  It could be worse.  Several aspects of our government haven't been working.  Trump tapped in to that.  His message resonated with voters and he's the one who will have his hand on the bible at the capitol today.

Trump went off on CNN and BuzzFeed at a news conference last week.  One one hand, it was un-presidential.  On the other, if an organization put out false and unsubstantiated information about me, I'd be angry too.  Even the great Bob Woodward, on FOX News Sunday, said Trump had the right to be upset.  A president punching back, and calling out media outlets for shoddy work could be the new normal.

Campaign 2016 was not the media's finest hours.  Some reporters stopped reporting and started advocating.  Lines were blurred.  Credibility was damaged.  As was noted in the HBO series "The Newsroom," reporters having opinions is not new.  Murrow had one, and that was the end of Joe McCarthy.  Cronkite had one, and that was the end of Vietnam.  The problem here seems to be personal preference and bias.  A reporter actually cried on the air when her candidate lost.  Fake news was everywhere and people bought it.

Understatement of the year:  We are in for an interesting ride.

Shifting gears, looking ahead to the American and National conference championship games...

Pittsburgh can beat New England, but I'm concerned the Steelers couldn't get in to the end zone versus Kansas City.  New England wins and covers.  The opening line was 6.

Steeler coach Mike Tomlin shouldn't have blasted for Antonio Brown's Facebook Live broadcast of an internal locker room speech.  Tomlin has no control over this team, and he should blame himself.  As QB Ben Roethlisberger noted weeks ago, there is no discipline and accountability.  In my view, that comes from the head coach.

I want to pick Green Bay, but the team let Dallas make a huge comeback Sunday afternoon.  Atlanta looked really good against a surprisingly weak Seattle.  Atlanta started the week a 4 point favorite.  You get three just for being the home team.  This could be the best championship game in a while.  leaning toward Atlanta.

It's a New England/Atlanta Super Bowl.