Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tough Call

The Weis market in Eaton Township, near Tunkhannock, is scheduled to reopen later this week.  Three people were murdered there last month.

The reopening has touched off a huge debate.  Some feel the building should be demolished, and a new Weis built elsewhere.  Others look forward to the reopening.

I totally understand the feelings on both sides.  It must be horrible for victims' families to drive by and think about what happened there.

If this Weis closes, even for months, people will be out of work, shoppers lose an option, and the killer wins.  He wanted a disruption.  He got it.

Honor the victims with trees, plaques, scholarships in their memories, donations to charities...  There are dozens of ways to do it.  It's important they live on in our memories and our deeds.

Perhaps the greatest tribute is not letting a disturbed young man affect our lives even more.