Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Scrapple

Fireworks:  Either you love them, or you hate them.  As someone who needs and values his sleep, you know what side I come down on.

I can't remember an NBA off-season when the sport has received so much attention.

Two homicides in less than one hour Sunday morning in Luzerne County.  Not connected, but still terrifying.

Listen to a police radio on your average weekend.  The number of overdoses is nothing short of alarming.

I know the Penn State frat house hazing death kids are innocent until proven guilty, but I'm simply stunned by the cruelty of their alleged actions.

The Giant's Despair Hill climb is one of our area's underrated spectacles.

The Scranton Farmers' Market, the one off Albright Avenue, opens Friday.  It's a magical place.  While it's synonymous with summer, the place has great charm in the fall.

Rumor has it soon to be former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is on line for a radio sports talk job.  It would be a waste.  He'd be great on a news talk radio show.  Christie is interesting, smart, and he can handle himself in a fight.

Watching dysfunctional Pennsylvania government in action, or inaction, is a constant source of frustration.

Speaking of things that bug me... people who start blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn pages, etc-- and then pay absolutely no attention to them.

Amazon Prime Day:  Interesting, but nothing jumped out at me.