Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Left Overs

Some things from last year are on my mind today, and let's open the refrigerator to share some leftovers...

Former NBC and CBS sportscaster Dick Enberg passed away just before Christmas.  Along with Pat Summerall, Enberg was one of the voices of Sunday afternoon.  Extremely professional-- plus great fun to hear call a game.

Rose Marie died just after Christmas.  94.  I can't say I was a fan of the Dick Van Dyke Show.  Likely, the humor was too sophisticated for my young mind.  I did enjoy her Hollywood Squares appearances.

NBC is considering a new version of "The Office."  I wonder if it will be as stunningly unfunny as the original.  The bar has been set very high.

Gasoline prices shot up after last year's rash of hurricanes-- and they never came down.  Why?  I know OPEC is trying to keep a lid on production.

Retailers should be reporting Christmas season profits soon.  I fully expect to see a renewed spurt of store closings this winter and spring, even though Christmas sales looked strong.   I'm sorry.  Amazon and other on-line retailers make it too easy.

It's January.  Winter is one-third over!  On the other hand, two-thirds are left.

I had the opportunity to watch "Bad Santa: a couple of times last week.  That movie works on so many levels.

An all news station, KQV 1410 in Pittsburgh, went off the air at the end of 2017.  More live and local radio disappears, and it makes me sad.  The owner said the business model no longer worked.  He was losing thousands every month.  I'm surprised there are no national all news formats on terrestrial radio.  You have to go to satellite or the internet to get a good news fix.

A few pleasant surprises in the NFL this year, and the L.A. Rams are at the top of the list.

Charles Osgood of CBS Radio retired at the end of the year.  It sounds unAmerican, but the guy's charm was lost on me.  I do respect his longevity.

Will the person who left this minty, gooey, chocolately, cream cheesy brownie in the WNEP newsroom on Christmas Eve please reveal yourself to me?  It might have been the best brownie I ever had.  I have to know where you bought it, or get the recipe.