Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Media Tuesday

It was a joy listening to WCBS 880 cover the recent nor'easter.  I hope the new owners don't screw it up.

Some legendary radio stations have dropped CBS News to align with ABC.  The reason is cost.  Both are fine products.

CBS picked John Dickerson to replace Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning.  It's a solid choice.  I didn't see much of it, but I read a week long test around Christmas went extremely well.

Hoda Kotb kept NBC's ratings up after Mat Lauer's departure.  She deserved the promotion.

ABC still leads the evening news race.  Jeff Glor hasn't moved the needle over at CBS.  Give it some time.  It's only been a month.  It's a solid broadcast.  As I always say, the problem isn't the network broadcast at 6:30.  CBS gets a very weak lead-in from several bit market affiliates around the country.

I know it's January, and that's not a big advertising time...  However, the daily newspapers seem thinner than ever.  I plan to write more on "print" in the days to come.  Stay tuned.

I'm happy the holidays are over because my favorite news and sports talk show hosts are back on the job.  FOX Sports Radio and CBS Sports Radio had some solid fill-ins.  It wasn't the same.

Oprah Winfrey is a gifted communicator.  She also contributes to 60 Minutes.  I wonder how the journalists at CBS feel about someone who specializes in opinion working on a serious news broadcast.

I'm intrigued by David Letterman's new Netflix talk show, but not intrigued enough to pay for it.  From the clips provided, it looks very Tom Snyder-esque.  Two chairs on stage.  Two oeple talking.  Some remote stuff.  It's odd.  When Letterman started, his interviewing was horrendous.  Now, it's become his specialty.

Speaking of Letterman, it makes me sad that I have to explain to people what a "Hal Gurnee Network Time Killer" was.

Different networks call it different things, but I love that camera that flies over a field during football games.

What can you say about Keith Jackson?  The legendary sportscaster died last week at the age of 89.  Jackson was best known for college football, but he also did the NFL, MLB, auto racing, the NBA and the Olympics.  Plus, he did all those varied assignments for Wide World of Sports.  A great talent and a great loss.