Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tie One On

Little things often make my day.  Case in point, yesterday's blog on the supermarket popcorn incident.

I was at the Veterans Administration hospital in Plains Township last week and was complimented on my ties.  I gave my usual response:  "Don't compliment me.  Compliment Al Boscov."

Here's the skinny on my ties.  I have no store or brand loyalty.  Many came from sales at Boscov's.  A big number came from discount places like Marshall's, Maxx, Kohl's and Burlington.  I visit the big national department store chains only when there is a huge sale.  Tie prices are outrageous!  I have found a couple of on-line sites that offer quality stuff at low prices.  Buying ties on-line is risky business.

Most of my suits are navy, grey or black.  The tie lends a splash of much needed color.

Believe it or not, there is some pattern to my color choices.  Icy blues come out in January.  You'll see pastels in the spring and around Easter.  Orange dominates September, October, and November.  Reds and greens pop up around Christmas.  The rest of the year is a mixed bag.

One of my favorite news directors insisted on white or pale blue shirts when anchoring, so I stick with that.  I've added some stripes and checks to the mix for my reporting days.

And, yes, I try to select my clothes the day before work.  Anything that saves time late or night or early in the morning is a huge help.