Friday, August 10, 2018


I am a coward.

Let me back up several months.  One of my high school teachers and I were having our cars serviced.  As we hung out in the waiting room, the talk turned to teachers I liked, respected, and influenced me.  By the way, the teacher I was speaking with handled a course called "consumer economics."  It was one of the most valuable high school courses ever, and I understand my high school no longer offers it.

The talk turned to a pair of junior high school English teachers.  One has passed away.  The other is still with us, long since retired.  A friend knew I was thinking of calling this teacher to say "thank you."  A telephone number dropped in to my lap, and that led to a cell phone number.  The number sat on my desk for several days, as I tried to screw up the courage to make the call.

I finally dialed him up, while I was on vacation last week.  The cell phone was apparently turned off because the call went right to voice mail.  I rambled on for about a minute, explaining who I was and the reason for the call.

It would have been nice to chat for a moment, and perhaps I will try again, if I ever get another burst of courage.

At least, he was finally given a well deserved "thank you."  I'm sorry it was more than 40 years late.