Wednesday, August 8, 2018


I was very happy to turn the calendar page to August last week.  Average daily highs peaked back on August 3.  We're now dropping a degree every few days. Days are getting shorter.

I was actually done with summer weeks ago.  July hasn't been a good month for me in recent years.  If you really think about it, very few months have been consistently happy occasions.

It's just a case of growing weary of being in air conditioning all day and sweating profusely when I go outside.  I sleep better when it's dark and cold.  There are few better feelings than burrowing under heavy blankets on a chilly night.

I'm not looking forward to scraping windshields, sliding to work and standing in snow storms, but you take the good with the bad.

It's unfortunate that Mays and Septembers cannot last forever.