Thursday, March 7, 2019

A Crinkle in Time

I started in television not long after film had disappeared.  My first stories were shot on 3/4 inch video tape.  There was a transition to High 8 and then Beta, which was an excellent format.

There is a part of a reporter story called the "stand up."  It's just what the name implies.  The stand up bridges between elements, or puts a nice ending on the story.  Back in the video tape days, you always did at least two takes on the stand up, in case you rolled over a flawed section of the tape.  It happened.

We dropped video tape years ago.  Out stories are shot on electronic video cards.

Old habits die hard.

To this day, I always do a second take on a stand up, even if the first one is flawless, and I always say the same thing to the photographer:  "In case there's a crinkle in the tape."  After getting strange looks from some of the younger people on the staff, I had to explain what you just read in the paragraphs above. 

The kids think I'm a crazy old man.  The veterans get a chuckle out of it because they remember those days.

I guess you had to be there.