Friday, March 1, 2019

It's Over!

It's March 1, and that is the start of meteorological spring.  Yes, winter is over.

While our current winter feels awful, that really isn't reflected in the numbers.  Snowfall was below normal.  Temperatures were above normal.  We've only had one crippling snow storm, and that was before Thanksgiving.

March is here.  Signs of spring are everywhere.  Skunks, squirrels, bunnies, longer days, a stronger sun, Ash Wednesday is this week and the St. Patrick's parades are starting.  Daylight saving time begins on the 10th.

Having said, some of our area's biggest snow storms have hit in March, and spring is the start of severe weather season.  Winter still has some life.   As I bang this out, I am looking at some computer models that have a foot of snow possible for Sunday afternoon in to Monday morning.  One thing about a March snow storm-- it usually melts fairly quickly, and there are projections for above normal temperatures for the second half of the month.

In spite of it all, enjoy the day and the month of March.  Warmer weather is slowly approaching.