Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just a Sad Day

There is no other way to put it...

In our noon newscast yesterday, we led with a story on a man killed by a toppling tombstone at a cemetery in Throop.  How sad.  A man going to decorate the family plot for Easter is the victim.

Then, people were hurt and cars were damaged because some genius couldn't properly secure a ladder in the back of a pick up truck.  The ladder came out on Interstate 81 and caused a chain reaction crash.  Luckily, no one was killed.  The careless ladder owner will be cited.

My story involved an animal rights activist who lost her home to fire.  Everything inside was destroyed, including years of record keeping and evidence gathering to prove her contention that circus animals are mistreated.  As I've noted here before, I'm always amazed when people who go through tragedies choose to share their stories.  We tracked down the fire victim at a hotel.  She agreed to talk with me.  The bottom line is that she will start over again, and her mission will continue.

We need some better days ahead.