Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Coins in a Fountain


There is a new fountain in Olyphant, and I will get there for some photographs, soon.  Sadly, a lot of people driving by can see it, but it really isn't in a pedestrian-friendly location.

I can't think of fountains without recalling some days in Baltimore.  It used to be my favorite quick getaway location, and many of those trips were taken during a time I wasn't happy with how things were going in my personal life.  That is an understatement.

There used to be a mall near the Baltimore hotel I preferred, and there was a killer fountain inside.  It was huge!  Multi tiered, noisy, water cascading over the tiles, the lights.  I know it's tough to get emotional over a mall fountain, but you really had to see it.

Sentimental fool that I am, I'd always toss a few coins in the bubbling water, and wish things in a personal situation would turn around.

It never happened.

At least, there was a moment or two of hope as I watched the coins splash, and then sink to the bottom of the pool.

I have some spare change destined for the new fountain in Olyphant.