Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning Scrapple

I hope the federal government has a good health insurance plan. I fear my letter carrier is developing a hernia. His pack is loaded down with mailings from my state and US representatives. It's campaign material disguised as "official" correspondence. It's a scam and I hope someone, one day, has the stones to put an end to it. Needless to say, both are running for re-election this year.

Summer is flying by. I'm okay with that.

It was unseasonably cool this past weekend. I'm okay with that.

Brett Favre is not the answer to the Jets problems, but he's a step up from what they had. Both Favre and Packers management looked really bad for the past five weeks.

I'm still waiting for Wilkes-Barre's mayor to call me back to discuss the Boscov's bankruptcy.

Boscov's owes more than $400,000 to Gold Toe. That's a lot of socks.

Nothing on the ABC, NBC or CBS fall schedules impresses me.

ABC allegedly rejected Tara Reid as a "Dancing with the Stars" contestant. Too bad. I would have watched that.

The Big 10 Network hits my cable system Friday. I've managed to live quite nicely without it.

I'm feeling ancient. Songs I played on the radio, when they were new, are now on the oldies stations.

The last of our summer interns is leaving the station. It was a good bunch this year.

The new Penguins season begins October 8. It seems like the season ended two hours ago.

The clean indoor air act takes effect one month from today.