Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Flags and Blogs

We always see flags on utility poles on cities and towns here in our area. We rarely see how they get there. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity Tuesday morning, Veterans Day.

Volunteers from the Mayfield Lions club were up early Tuesday, placing flags on 120 poles throughout the borough. They were back Tuesday evening to take them down.

One simple project means so much. It unites the people of the town and gets some good publicity for the Lions Club. Veterans get a much needed pat on the back. Having a visible Lions Club encourages more people to join and volunteer. It's a source of pride, and it just plain looks nice. Thanks to the Mayfield Lions for inviting Newswatch 16 to be part of their Veterans Day.

We had some major blog discussions at the office yesterday. I'll get to the good news right off the top. Someone new will be joining us in the blogosphere in the near future. Keep checking the blog section of WNEP.com.

The powers that be keep a close eye on what generates hits at WNEP.com. I've been tickled to know that this blog has been placing in the top 25 lately. Thanks. Keen observers will note that there's another way to reach the blog. You can get to it directly by typing in www.andypalumbo.blogspot.com. Bookmark the direct address, and you can use it to check out the blog if you're in a hurry. About five per cent of the blog visitors currently do that, but don't forget to visit WNEP.com for all the other stuff.

I spent part of my Tuesday morning helping Ryan Leckey put a "sitemeter" on his blog. The kid really didn't need my help. I was there for moral support. Ryan is inching up on video blogging, and I'm anxious to see it. I doubt I'll be following in his footsteps, but then again, I never expected to be a blogger, either.