Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've avoided getting all weepy over the loss of Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg.  The Civil War era train station was torn down last week.  Let's face it.  The death warrant was signed the morning of the fire ten months ago.  Restoring the building would have been emotionally spectacular, but cost prohibitive.  The state has $20 million for the Arlen Specter and John Murtha libraries.  Not a dime here.  Sad.

So, let's celebrate what we do have.  Below is one of the gems, the passenger train station, turned municipal building in Glenburn Township.  It's north of Clarks Summit in Lackawanna County.
A Google search didn't turn up much information, other than it was built by the DL&W railroad.  This place is begging for one of those historical markers.
The caboose off to the side in Glenburn is a nice touch.

Getting back to East Stroudsburg, let's hope what goes up in place of Dansbury Depot fits in with the character of the rest of Crystal Street, seen below.