Friday, August 27, 2010

An Ill Wind

I've taken a few shots (the non photographic kind) at Marywood University over the years.  Hey, I'm a graduate.  I'm allowed.  Most of my unhappiness stems from Marywood's seemingly never ending willingness to take government hand outs for less than worthwhile projects.  The University has also gone on a building spree as of late that runs the danger of changing the character of the campus.  Thankfully, most of the new construction is on the outskirts of the property.  The heart remains the same, but you have to wonder when they'll mess with that.  It's just a matter of time.

I do have to give Marywood credit for at least one thing.  This is the new wind turbine that will power lights and facilities at the new athletic fields.  You can see if from Interstate 81, and it seems to be located in a place where it won't bother anyone.  Green is good.

There is one other college related issue that really needs airing today.  It has nothing to do with Marywood, the University of Scranton, Kings, Wilkes, Lackawanna, Misericordia, LCCC, Penn State, or any of the others as institutions.

A bar in Scranton and another in Wilkes-Barre, apparently owned by the same outfit, are giving out free drinks, for two hours, as "welcome back" gift to college students.  This is the same organization that offered free cigarettes to celebrate smokers' freedom.

Where's the outrage?  It's not going to come from the newspapers.  They don't want to torque off an advertiser.  It's not going to come from city officials.  They don't want to get on the bad side of downtown businesses because bars are one of the few downtown "industries" left.

Some Wilkes-Barre city officials recently went nuts because a Public Square news stand wanted to sell beer.  Selling it to some guy who wants to guzzle a 40 is wrong.  Giving it away to young people who might not be able to handle it is okay.  How about a brew to wash down all that hypocrisy?

Where's MADD?  Where's SADD?  Where are the all groups who feared the end of the world because supermarkets and mini marts want to sell six packs?

I have no problem with the responsible use of alcohol, but giving two hours worth of free drinks to college kids stretches the bounds of reasonable behavior.