Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here We Go Again

I've delivered this lecture before:  It's a court of law, not a court of justice.  A trial is not a search for the truth.  It's a judgement of evidence.

A jury in Wayne County Tuesday night decided there wasn't enough evidence to show Jeffrey Plishka killed Laura Ronning in 1991.  I watched and read stories on the testimony.   The defense presented more than enough "reasonable doubt."  The prosecution's case was far from perfect.  It takes a lot for a jury to send someone to prison for life, or impose the death penalty.

Was there some evidence Plishka is responsible for the murder?  Certainly.  Was there enough evidence for a conviction, beyond that "reasonable doubt?"  No.

Remember, there is a difference between "innocent" and "not guilty."

One can only imagine what the Ronning family is going through right now.  They lost a beautiful young woman 19 years ago.  Now, they watch as the man they believe killed Laura walks out of jail a free man.

Jeffrey Plishka gets his life back.

Wayne County's district attorney says the case is closed.  There is no sense continuing the investigation because the man they truly believe is the killer has been tried and found not guilty.  The prosecution can't appeal.  They don't get a second chance.

It's over.  Forever.  And forever is a very long time.