Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm not a good holiday person, so I usually find things to occupy and distract me.  I'm lucky this year, in that I've already found this year's candidates.

The first is the underappreciated 70's TV series "Barney Miller."  It was a series where clever writing and well developed characters led the way.  I founds the boxed set of all seven seasons on-line recently, and I've been enjoying a couple episodes just about every day.

I also found the first two seasons of the NBC sitcom "Wings" on DVD at one of those indoor flea markets.  I'll dive in to that as soon as I finish "Barney Miller."  It's a line I've used many times before-- when the history of TV is written, "Wings" will not be on the list of great sitcoms.  However, it was consistently funny and cute, and a solid performer for NBC every week.

The third seasonal diversion is a new biography of Howard Cosell.  I'll nibble away at that from time to time.

Bring on the holidays!