Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Election Day

It's finally here-- general election day 2011.

It's a big day in a lot of respects.  Voters in Luzerne County will choose their first county council.

Several counties are selecting new commissioners.  Just about every city and town has mayor, school director, supervisor and council races.  They might not be big offices, but they are interesting and important nonetheless.

It seems hard to believe, but one year from today, we'll be choosing a president, a US senator, and several US house races.

There will likely be a short lull around the holidays.  Then, get ready.  2012 will be a noisy year.

Like recent elections, I'll try to get in some updates here and via Twitter-- with a little "day after" stuff tomorrow.

>>>3:45 AM...  One last review of the election day preview stories I started over the weekend.  Everything is edited and ready to go.

>>>4:55 AM... We've chosen Duryea as our live shot location.  Signs all over the place.  Looks to be a hotly contested election.

>>>7:20 AM...  A nice initial rush of voters here at our location.  Predictions of a low voter turnout might be inaccurate.

>>>10:50 AM...  Spoke too soon.  Visited 4 polling places this morning.  All light.  Got some interviews and in the process of assembling a story for Newswatch 16 @ Noon.

>>>11:30 AM...  My story for Newswatch 16 @ Noon has been written and edited.  The live truck mast is going up.  We'll be feeding soon.  After that, live at 12, back to the office for a few loose ends, my own trip to vote, a walk with the dog and a long nap.