Friday, November 25, 2011

Unfinished Business

I keep trying to move on from the Penn State scandal, and it keeps pulling me back.  The Wall Street Journal published a story on Tuesday detailing how Joe Paterno fought his players being held to the same behavioral and disciplinary standards as other students.  First, he recruited thugs who repeatedly got in to trouble on campus.  Second, it's further proof that the sainted Joe Paterno is a hypocrite.  I'm sure a lot of other college coaches have pulled the same stunts, and I've even seen it on the high school level.  However, it's more proof that the sanctimonious Paterno is a fraud.

I'm also trying my best to avoid going on an anti Black Friday rant.  I think time will take care of that one.  Black Friday will become Black Thursday within the next few years.

CNN Radio anchor Stan Case was killed in a car crash Tuesday in Alabama.  Great voice.  Great delivery.  He also voiced some pieces for CNN and was an anchor when Headline News actually did news.  I'm saddened by the loss.

I'm also saddened by the loss of disco singer and actress Andrea True.  She had one big hit:  "More, More, More."  Heart failure in Kingston, NY November 7.  She was 68.  As noted previously, some disco wasn't bad.

A member of the Cincinnati Bengals was penalized for hair pulling during a tackle in the game versus the Baltimore Ravens.  Hey, if you wear your hair that long, you run the risk of having it pulled, and it shouldn't be a penalty.  It is difficult for me to type this paragraph because I'm a huge Troy Polamalu fan.  It's time for the NFL to ban excessive hair length, except on the cheerleaders.

Tim Tebow could turn me in to a Denver Broncos fan.  I hate to see someone undeservedly kicked around so much.  Is he the NFL's greatest talent?  No.  He pours on the religion a bit heavy, but he won games in college, and he's helped the Broncos this year.

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