Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It is my yearly ritual, and here is this year's version.

My car has to be inspected before the end of the month, and the day before Thanksgiving was my day.

I dropped off the car at the dealer in the morning.  The dealer's shuttle gave me a ride home.  When the car was ready in the early afternoon, the dealer offered a ride back to the shop, but I politely declined.  I wanted to take the bus.

Walmart founder Sam Walton had a concept called "MBWA."  It stands for management by walking around.  In other words, he wanted his managers out of the office and out on the sales floor.

It's a great idea.  I've stolen it as a way to get story and blog ideas.  You see a lot more outside than you do sitting in front of a computer at a desk.

Once again, I have to give a positive review to the COLTS system.  The bus was clean and warm.  Our route took us through a supermarket parking lot on the day before Thanksgiving, and I was impressed with the driver's patience.  The parking lot was packed, and some drviers were darting all over the place.  If that wasn't enough, we also passed Regional Hospital and Moses Taylor Hospital.  The streets are narrow, with cars parked on both sides.  Driving the bus in that environment is like threading a needle, but the driver did it.  The trip cost $1.25, and that's a bargain.

The closest bus stop is about four blocks away from the dealer.  My walk was over dirty streets and busted up sidewalks.  That is a constant every year, and it's unfortunate.

By the way, the car passed the inspection-- no problems detected.