Thursday, August 4, 2016

About the Cover

A little serendipity this month...

I set out to photograph one thing for this month's blog header.  I didn't get what I wanted.  While wandering around downtown Scranton, I snapped off a few around Elm Park United Methodist Church.  When I got home and loaded the images in to my computer, I discovered I really liked the tan of the church stone, the green trees, blue sky, white puffy clouds.  It really worked out for me and it screamed out "August header."

It might be time for a little tree pruning.  They've gotten rather large and are hiding a lot of the church's beauty.

I took a few other photos in that neighborhood, especially when it comes to new construction, and I'll share those with you in the weeks to come.

Below are a few paragraphs lifted from the Elm Park United Methodist Church web site.

The historic Elm Park campus is located on a triangular plot of land bordered by Jefferson Avenue, Linden Street, and Madison Avenue.
In 1839, a Methodist Class was organized in Slocum Hollow, Scranton. The membership grew quickly and in 1841, the Village Chapel was built facing Lackawanna Street on what is now Adams Avenue.
The church was incorporated on September 8, 1859, and after outgrowing several buildings, the Congregation broke ground for the new church home on September 8, 1891. After two major fires and reconstruction, a dedication service was held on December 17, 1893. In 1927, the parsonage was moved from the Linden Street side of the Sanctuary to Jefferson Avenue. The Church House (Elm Park House) was built on the Linden Street property which is bordered by Madison Avenue, completing the triangle where the entire church complex is now located.
For over 150 years, Elm Park has been a major and powerful voice of Methodist Protestantism in the greater Scranton area. The church continues to offer significant leadership for the spiritual, cultural, and civic life of northeastern Pennsylvania.