Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Done In By a Wheat Thin

This never would have happened if I wasn't on vacation.

I was snacking on Wheat Thins Saturday afternoon.  If I was on my "work week" schedule, I would have been asleep.

One cracker seemed crunchier than the others.  Problem:  It wasn't the cracker.  It was my cracked molar.

I checked it out in the mirror.  A big section of tooth was gone.  Odd.  I wasn't in any pain, and a cracker shouldn't have caused a molar to shatter like that.  No matter.  The damage was done.

While there was no pain, there were a few sharp edges left that were very annoying.

I could have called my dentist immediately.  He does respond to weekend emergencies, and if he can't, a colleague would have patched me up.  Considering I wasn't in pain or bleeding, and I was on vacation, I decided to wait.

I placed a call shortly after opening time yesterday.  They had an opening, but it was immediate, and I had a couple of other things that needed my attention first.  The next available slot was 5 PM.  I took it.

My dentist must be part magician.  I didn't think there was enough tooth there to work with, but he fashioned a repair that feels as good as new.

I still have some Wheat Thins, and solid teeth left.