Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Book It

Last week, I did something I hadn't done in a long time.  I visited a book store.

Watching brick and mortar businesses close is difficult, and I have to admit that I'm part of the problem.  I do a lot of shopping on line, especially books.  For example, I ordered a David Letterman biography before it was released.  It arrived in the mail on the day it came out.  It can't get any better than that.

Last week, I was shopping for a gift.  I knew the book I wanted.  The warehouse club store didn't have it, so it was a short trip up the street to a big box book store.  Even though the book has been in the news a lot lately, it wasn't on the "featured" tables at the front of the store.  It was back in the "politics" section.  I grabbed it and headed to the check out.  The staff was very nice.  The store seemed to have anything you would want, and it was nicely organized.  Having said that, I still don't think this book store is as good as the one it replaced.

Still, having any book store is better than none at all, and I'm thrilled there is still a book store close to home.

I was thrilled to see a large kid's section.  My parents encouraged reading when I was a kid, and I got any book I asked for.  I know parents who do the same.  I hope schools have changed.  Most of my unmotivated teachers back in the day treated reading as a punishment and a chore rather than a pleasure.  There were a few exceptions.  When it comes to meeting young people, personally or professionally, you can really tell the ones who read.

As for the Letterman book I'm reading, look for a review here in the days to come.