Sunday, February 4, 2018

Andy's Angles: Little Bank

I took some public relations, marketing and advertising courses way back during my Marywood College days.  I really enjoyed them, and perhaps I should have taken more.  It's stayed with me all these years.  Marketing trends, business news and the like still hold some fascination, and what you see above really caught my eye.

A new bank recently opened in South Abington Township.  Owner is irrelevant.  I awkardly blurred the name.  I'm sure it's a fine institution, and I've never heard anything bad about it.

I'm not sure you can get a sense of it from the photo, but I was struck at the size of the building.  It's small.  Very small.  It's not difficult to figure out why.  Internet banking has reduced the need for brick and mortar banks.  I don't write many checks these days.  I don't receive many checks, either.

The new bank seems to have everything a customer would need-- teller stations, offices, cubicles.  It just has less of them.

Pardon the geezer moment, but do you remember the days when banks were majestic places?  Marble, big vault, giant columns, high ceilings.  I miss that time, and I also understand why those big banks are relics of the past.  If you still have one in your town, consider yourself lucky.